He was able to work on team interaction and his activities were  purely a sum total of team building exercises.
I would definitely want to have more inbound exercises to be conducted by him. He was very professional in his role and made sure ‘everyone’ is involved and no one is left out in any activity. (*next time we’ll complete all the activities (given by him) well within time ;)
We have had a variety of trainers in the past, and I would like to commend Tathagat Roy for the value addition that he got to our 2 day outbound.
1.       Audience centric – On day 0, Tathagat took time and made efforts to understand the
          composition of the team.
2.       Wholesome – Not just covering the “Teamwork” aspects, Tathagat got us to focus on
           individual personalities, strengths and weaknesses as well.
3.       Tacit – It is expected that through the various exercises, we will draw the lessons ourselves
           and not need ceremonious lectures. He did that for several of the contests.
4.       Challenging – Based on our mindset, Tathagat pushed each one of us a little beyond our
          comfort zone -  which I believe is the purpose of stepping out of office.
5.       Content – Because Tathagat carried wealth of experience, strong intellectual capabilities
          and effective communication style, there was no reason not to listen to him.  
Overall I would rate him as the most evolved trainer we have ever been with in my last ~6 years at SAP.
Best trainer till date. He was always ready to change plan as per our mood… over all excellent experience.
The trainer is good and very much engaging through his discussions on varied topics like personality types, leadership … managing emotions.
Had good learning through activities – Helium Stick, Rafting, ‘Pipe & ball’. Not to forget, I had thrilling experience while walking on fire. 
Am keen to attend his training program in future.
One of the Most Professionally Matured trainer I have interacted with. He took time to understand our Team Composition (Intelligently he used Day 0 for that), Planned his Activities accordingly on Day 1, Kept his and team's focus on track, Rather than giving his Opinion he let us understand the inferences from the activities (which definitely were thought provoking), was flexible in rearranging the activities depending on the team's need and was really efficient in keeping an Eye on every team member's behavior, approach, thoughts, strengths and weaknesses. He used every opportunity to interact in person with each member and understand our overall personality which for sure created a bridge of trust between him and the team. His ability of connecting theory with practical exercises is his best asset for which I would give him full points. Would like to have more trainings with him going forward.
I liked the way he brought our team together and different activities which we did. I am looking forward to some trainings by him at Gurgaon.

Jubilant Enpro and Jubilant Energy

Just wanted to put in a word of Thanks and heartfelt appreciation on behalf of Jubilant Enpro and Jubilant Energy. Saturday was an exhilarating and liberating experience for each one of us present. It opened our minds to a whole new world of possibilities and the strength to make it happen which lies surprisingly within us. It sure was a memorable day for the entire team with a lot of fun and learning.


The Training programme went off very smoothly and was appreciated by the participants. The programme was overall rated “Excellent”.

2. ANALYSIS (17 Participants)

Parameters Excelent Very Good Good Average
Content 12 5 0 0
Delivery & Presentation 11 5 1 0
Methodology 12 4 1 0
Venue/ Environment 13 4 0 0
Overall Rating of the Programme 14 3 0 0



   All the participants felt that their expectations were met.


  • Mind Power & Belief
  • Effective utilization of minimum resources
  • Team Building
  • Coordination
  • Energizing oneself
  • Fire walk
  • Subconscious mind


Session should be atleast for 2 days.
More OBT sessions should be conducted on regular intervals.

Saumya Srivastava
Manager- Learning & Development
Jubilant Enpro Pvt. Ltd. Plot 1A, Sector 16 A
Noida U.P. 201301


Dear Mr Tathagat

I must thank you and Rohini ji for the offsite training for our two groups at Tarudhan resorts, Manesar on 17th Feb 2011.
The overall feedback has been very good. You could create the excitement and energy among the groups to perform like effective teams. Both of you had an excellent way to impart knowledge on concepts of team work, empowerment necessary to face challenges of today's competitive environment. The best part was the fun element...'the joy at work' method.

Thanks and best regards
HS Dua
HR, SRF Ltd.

Aviva Life Insurance Company India Pvt. Ltd

Dear Tathagata and Rohini,
This token of appreciation has been long overdue !

We write to sincerely thank you for the excellent Team Building & Personal Growth Lab ( PGL) workshop conducted at Mukhteshwar for our Rotational Development Programme (RDP) cycle 3 participants.

The Workshop has drawn extremely commendable feedback from all quarters. This is the 3rd such workshop that we have done over the last three years and, we can surely say that, this has been the best one till date ! Activities like the Firewalk, Skit on Enneagram and Tower Building exercises planned for the participants were very impactful and were instrumental in developing Team bonding and Self awareness. The workshop was well structured to cascade vital concepts through effective Experiential learning techniques. Participants are still living, breathing and sleeping 'the PGL'. The sense of satisfaction and bonding is here for all to see and feel.

Some Participant speak for you :

Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful workshop at Mukteshwar.Infact it has been an unforgettable experience and one of the unique programmes I have attended so far. I thank you for extending your care and  support to the group - Yogendra Sharma, Branch Manager, Pitampura
I used to sit on the banks with a raft and watch the water roll lazily by. One day I pushed my raft into the shallows of the water and found the water moved swifter than I thought. My raft was actually a boat. Then, after some time, I rowed my little boat into deeper water. There were great storms, mighty winds, tremendous waves, and sometimes I felt so alone. But I have noticed my little rowboat is now a mighty ship manned by my friends and loved ones; and beautiful calm seas, warm sunny days, and nights filled with comfortable dreams always double after a storm. Now, I could never go back and sit on the bank. In fact, I search for deeper water.
Such is life when lived - Brajesh Singh, Area Manager-Bancassurance & Business Partnerships, Hyderabad

Its so much fun to see everyone so super-charged and positive on a Monday morning. Three cheers for the Mukteshwar Trip and the Tripwaalas - Devika Mehndiratta, Economist, Fund Management Team, Mumbai

THE WORLD BELONGS TO THOSE WHO SAY   " I CAN ".It was indeed a great learning experience and the best part was meeting you all and having new friends - Mayank Rai, Deputy Branch Manager, Jaipur

I am little short of breaking down, after going through your mail. It's sooooooooooooooooo touching... I'll always treasure memories of this trip, met wonderful people, made friends, had a BLAST, the best (experience) of my LIFE - Monisha James, Manager, HR


It has indeed been an over whelming learning experience for all of us, including the HR team. We look forward to working with you again. Thank you.

Priya Kochhar
Organisation Development

Aviva Life Insurance Company India Pvt. Ltd.
’U’ and ’I’ Building, 2nd Floor,
Sector-29, Gurgaon 122 001


Dear Rohini & Tathagat,
On behalf of the senior leadership of customer service in the Airtel Mobility business, I want to thank both of you for providing us a life changing experience. I know the time was inadequate for such powerful tools but I want to appreciate the passion & conviction with which you walked us through the learning’s.
The quality of the session is evident by the post workshop survey that we conducted, in which your session got 100% scores on the Top 2 boxes (Excellent & Very Good). The true benefits of this learning can come only if we put the efforts to walk that distance. Many of us are delighted by the early benefits that we are getting.
Many of the Circle CSD Heads  have shown interest to take their teams through a similar experience. I would appreciate if you can give us updates now and then on what your organisation has to offer to enable self growth. You may directly write to the people on this mailing list.
Once again thank you very much for showing us the way to self growth & self healing.

Chief Service Delivery Officer
Airtel Mobility Group

Schneider Electric

I take this oppurtunity to summarise my experience as
" It has been a thrilling experience with lots of fun and had been so systematically designed that we could have a deeper understanding of the potentials each one of us have and the fact that we have the capacity to make things happen and nothing is impossible "
I take this oppurtunity to thank all of them who have contributed to make it successful

Thanks & Regards
Manoj Gupta
Regional Manager (North) – Residential Segment


"The Best Ever program I have attended in my career.  Not even at any stage I felt boring and the agenda made 100% volunteered participation. This program not only bound the team together but created a feeling that we all had been good friends for a very long time"

Regional Manager - West


Dear Team,
To me OBT was really an eye opener... It has already started to work out for me to realise the importance of raising the bars in any activity (personal or professional).
This also facilitated the opportunity for everyone to work in teams for much higher potentials rather than individualistic approach.
Thanks to everyone who thought of this idea and implemented well... A special thanks to AK Sinha for the execution and trainers (Tathagat & Rohini) for the much valuable learning.  

Thanks & regards,
CIS Business Head - India


 "Winning is not the result of just one person's effort. Winning comes from the focus and determination of a number of people working toward a common goal." -
This photo reminds me the Night Trekking, As a Team WE COULD DO IT !!

Dear Friends,
First of all , It was a Great learning OBT experience, which can be treasured Life time for every individual in Personal & Professional Life. It has created Great impact for all of us  - Thanks to all Team members "Residential Segment "..
My special Thanks to A K for an excellent support during the entire trip.. Me & My Team join me in Thanking Matt & Rati for giving us wonderful experience.

Cheers !!


Dear Friends !
Please accept my sincere thanks for spending  each moment of yours with me and sharing your experience  in last attended OBT program.
All the activities in OBT along with your suggestions, advice and experiences will definitely help me to motivate myself immensely.
I would like to thank AK for organizing  such a great program wonderfully  .
Lastly I am thankful to Matt ,Srini and Rati for giving me such a  wonderful opportunity to enrich my experience.
The outbound training is one of the best Management Training Programmes i have ever attended in my professional career of 10 years.
This training programme helped to touch the peaks of our physical & mental strengths & it has helped me to explore / realise the huge Self potential.
The training was very well planned & executed to convey  management mantras in a subtle manner through various activities conducted.
I request the management to extend this  programme to Group Managers and selected Territory Managers as well to align the entire team / organisation on a common platform.
Thanks to the Management & HR for organising this wonderful programme.

Vittal VB


Hi there,

For me personallty, it was just a lovely exciting adventureous outing (Just thot i was back in my teenage with my college outings) wherein I definately learnt power of team, astonising behavioural traits - Sharks, teddy bears etc, Care, Warmth, love of a team for the only lady, Encouragement, Confidence building, and most important "NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE".
With the power of a team working towards a common objectives even impossibles seems to be achieveable. Eg. In the night trek, everyone was drained, tired and waiting for the trek to end but then the encouragement, light moments like jokes, caring etc made it so much fun. Similarly on fire walk - with everyone's encouragement, I was so confident that I walked on the fire twice and still wanted more!!!!!!!! Unimaginably amazing!!!!!!
Special thanks to Tathaghat Sir - for being so sweet, kind and every time giving risky surprises as well as inculcating confidence that this was "Just another exercise and obviously we could do it".
Special Thanks also to Rohini Maam for her MOST SPECIAL AND PRECIOUS JADO KI JAPPIS. Just felt like I could conquer the entire world with them.
Also the exercises / techniques what she showed were extremely effective yet simple.
Each moment spent in the OBT has become a very special memory and I am sure even when we are at the worst of situations in our lives, just reminising those days will bring a wide smile on each of our faces and the "Can Do" feeling will help in conquering every obstacle in the way.

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!
Thanks and Regards,
Assistant to Director – Residential Segment