Visionary Leadership

The Visionary Leadership Workshop shares a remarkably step-by-step methodology that places emphasis on infusing trust, commitment and spirit within your Organization while transforming the way you lead your life.

    Focus is on:
  • Visioning - creating a heart-based compelling future focus
  • Building Human Relations : Building a culture of listening, keeping commitments, being compassionate to others
  • Team Unity: Building strong loyal teams with a strong focus on rewarding and recognizing merit
  • Adaptability and Change Management: strategies for coping with change, including tools to manage anxiety, stress etc
  • Personal Effectiveness: A methodology to help leaders focus on the essentials
  • Self-Leadership: Specific tools for personal renewal, awareness of the mind, the 'practice' of emotional intelligence etc.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Infusing fun and lightness into the workplace
  • Contribution and Significance: leaving behind a memorable legacy

The Enneagram

The Enneagram at New Leaf Training The Enneagram is a proven personality typology that describes different personality types to understand the self and others.

The Enneagram is applied in a variety of ways in management, for instance in team building, coaching, leadership, management development and organizational change.

The module is covered in an interesting and interactive way. Each participant discovers his/her Enneagram Type, Management style, Organizational characteristics and Growth paths.

Through role plays, one is able to see each 'Type' in action, what kind of 'energy' they portray so as to have a deeper understanding of the different personality types.

Team members going through the Enneagram session are able to appreciate the diversity of each team member and how this diversity is necessary for the various talents to come together to make the group more wholesome.

The Johari Window

The Johari Window at New Leaf Training The Johari Window is a communication model that can be used to improve understanding between individuals within a team or in a group setting. Based on disclosure, self-disclosure and feedback, the Johari Window can also be used to improve a group's relationship with other groups.

Developed by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham (the word "Johari" comes from Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham), there are two key ideas behind the tool:

  • That individuals can build trust with others by disclosing information about themselves.
  • That they can learn about themselves and come to terms with personal issues with the help of feedback from others.

Using this, team members understand the value of self-disclosure, and are encouraged to give and accept feedback. Done sensitively, this can help people build more-trusting relationships with one another, solve issues and work more effectively as a team.

Belbin Team Roles: Understanding the Anatomy of a Team

The research of Dr Meredith Belbin in the late seventies lead to the development of Belbin team roles, nine clusters of behavior that individuals adopt when participating in a team. Teams comprising a balanced mix of team roles outperform unbalanced teams. This module is used to identify people's behavioral strengths and weaknesses in the workplace:

    Focus is on:
    1. Building productive working relationships
    2. Matching people to jobs
    3. Selecting and developing high-performing teams
    4. Raising self-awareness and personal effectiveness
    5. Building mutual trust and understanding

    " I Am Right! " Ice-berg Model of Behavior

    This profound theory is taught in a highly interactive manner. The activity itself draws laughter and high emotional intensity. Through the telling of a story, participants choose certain characters that they identify with. In groups they then "defend" these characters in the face of criticism from the rest of the group. Participants experience the "rightness" of their own spaces and inability to move from them or explain their chosen spots fully to others.

    By the end of the exercise they begin to understand why this is so: The Iceberg Theory outlines how deeply held values and beliefs prevent us from seeing another's point of view and thus lead to inner and outer conflicts. Often this understanding alone profoundly "shifts" the way people perceive each other in the workplace or at home.

    A great exercise for any team or group that wishes to work harmoniously together.

    Team Building - Outdoor activities

    Team Building - Outdoor activities at New Leaf Training Over the years we have developed a large repertoire of outdoor activities that bring about not only greater team effectiveness but also various aspects of leadership, bonding, empathy, listening etc. Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged in all activities as is participation by every member of the group.

    The 3 P's of team effectiveness, PURPOSE, PEOPLE AND PROCESS is driven home in order to be applied to any team work. Debriefing after each activity is our unique strength, wherein we facilitate the process of self-learning through the process of sharing of experiences rather then downloading theoretical knowledge or our observations.

    Camera! Action! Lights! : Fun with Theatre

    Camera! Action! Lights! : Fun with Theatre at New Leaf Training This session uses theatre to inject fun, creativity and a discarding of inhibitions amongst team members. A scenario that is probably totally the opposite of what they are used to in the workplace. Proceeding in stages, highly interactive exercises help to break functional roles and bring about bonding, an experience of shared fun and excelling with a common purpose. The process demonstrates how innovative solutions are possible with minimum resources as long as the attitude and approach is such. How can this be duplicated in the work arena is the question offered for reflection and discussion.

    An extremely valuable and profound learning experience.

    Inculcating Trust and Team Bonding

    Through several modules , the value of trust for a high performing team is experientially understood and indoor and outdoor activities that inculcate it are facilitated .

    The Team Bonding session, often underestimated is in our experience, the bedrock of an effective team. Breaking barriers of competitiveness, isolation and distorted perception, team members often feel distant and unconnected to each other.

    The module commences with a process of de-stressing and energizing through the medium of music, movement and stillness.

    This process will set the stage for the next session, in which participants will be facilitated through some profound processes of sharing, intimacy, deep listening and receptivity.

    Both activities promote bonding at a deep level, transform perceptions and usually bring about shifts in the way teams function together.

    Winning Strategies: Collaboration vs Competition

    Winning Strategies: Collaboration vs Competition at New Leaf Training An activity that dramatically demonstrates the power of "win-win" rather than "lose-lose " or even win-lose." Teams are given the task to negotiate their way through a maze. After repeated efforts in which many groups come to an embarrassing stuck position, they come to the realization that collaboration may be the only solution. One that they are either unaware of or are resisting. A facilitated discussion guides them to reflect on how this might mirror reality at the workplace and reinforce the point that inter-organizational competitiveness and conflicts can be replaced by collaboration at all levels (inter and intra departments) to achieve win-win results.

    Achievement Motivation/ Manifesting Your Dreams

    Few people are aware of the power of the subconscious mind and its potential to manifest or mar reality. Most people are living out a self-fulfilling prophecy based on the beliefs they hold. This understanding, which has the power to shift the way we live, will be convincingly demonstrated. At another level, it shows leaders that what they expect from subordinates is what they get!

    The Tower Building Game, which shows the power of achievement motivation, will be used to drive home this point. This is a powerful session that highly motivates participants and makes them feel in charge of manifesting their dreams.

    This session further leads onto the Pygmalion Effect - Whatever you believe is what you get in life. An inspiring talk, peppered with real-life examples and stories, sows the seeds of a totally new paradigm; a reference point that can change the way we are living.

    Visualization techniques, the Law of Attraction and a screening of the popular movie, The Secret can supplement this module.

    Going Beyond the Conscious Mind: Hypnosis

    Going Beyond the Conscious Mind: Hypnosis at New Leaf Training The Power of Beliefs and the sub-conscious mind is demonstrated through fast-induction Hypnosis which leaves participants spell-bound, and with a transformed understanding of their real potential. The session is highly motivating, and leaves teams charged up and highly enthusiastic.

    In many companies we have used this session to inspire teams to set their own targets, which often outstretch even the ones they have been given by their seniors!

    Transcending Fear and facing Challenges: The Fire Walk

    The Fire Walk at New Leaf Training Walking on burning live embers, a metaphor for facing challenges with courage and self confidence, is a most memorable and transformative activity.

    Requiring an overcoming of fear, and leaving those who do with an amazing sense of being truly "unstoppable', the Fire Walk caps the learning with high energy and exuberance.

    Beyond the Comfort Zone: Adventure Activities

    Beyond the Comfort Zone: Adventure Activities at New Leaf Training We help organize these activities with the support of trained professionals. Participants stretch and break comfort zones as they attempt Obstacle Courses, Rock Climbing, Rappelling and River Crossing in a spirit of fun and adventure.

    A bonus outcome is the deep bonding that builds between team members.

    For most, this is a most memorable takeaway from an outbound program.

    Unleashing Your Full Potential : Secrets of Energy Management

    These modules are our forte and we are one of the few training companies that specialize in this area. Adding this aspect makes for a very well-rounded and holistic program.

    Part I : Meet Your Energy Body

    In this fascinating session participants will be introduced to a subject they may never have been exposed to before but which is the basis of their well being, performance and competence in the workplace. Few people are aware of their energy body, how it operates, and how it can be drained by every day circumstances, including ones own thoughts. Actual "tricks" and tips will be taught to energize and keep oneself fit and functioning at peak performance levels.

    Some fascinating demonstrations will enhance the session.

    Part II : Enhance your EQ (Emotional Quotient)

    We teach not just the theory of emotional intelligence but how to actually practice it.

    Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

    Considered to be the "missing piece of the healing puzzle", acknowledged by authors and life coaches like Deepak Chopra, we teach a radical energy therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques that works wonders in minutes. Just by tapping on certain points of the body one can get relief from anxieties, anger, feelings of frustration, deadline stresses, aches and pains, addictions and deep rooted fears. This is the most effective way of learning to be emotionally intelligent and empowered rather than victimized as most of us feel in the face of over powering emotions. Participants will experience this as they learn the technique, which is one of the best-known methods of staying clear of the routine emotional traps we get stuck in.

    EFT is acclaimed for its ability to help shed baggage from the past, manage stress, and free oneself from addictions.

    Breath Management

    We specialize in various breathing processes, namely, Rebirthing Breath-work created by Leonard Orr, advanced Pranayams and other breathing processes to calm the mind.

    Control of the mind by the mind is difficult. The breath can be used as an anchor to still the mind, thus enhancing alertness, focus and clarity of thought. A quiet mind is considered to be one of the most powerful tools that any leader or executive can possess. We teach breath practices, and quick tools for instant relief from stress, which if done on a regular basis can benefit the wellness of the individual and thus the Organization.

    Mind Management

    Are we managing our mind or is our mind controlling our actions and behaviors? Are we responding or reacting? Are we taking actions from a quiet, settled space or one that is stressed, reactive and unclear?

    The quality of our decisions is based on the quality of the mind.

    In this session, we go into the nature of the mind, its nature to vacillate between the past and future, cling on to negative things etc. We are rarely restful. Recognizing this and bringing in the light of Awareness and mindfulness into daily life, can fundamentally change behavior, our responses , and the very quality of life itself.

    This module facilitates a fundamental understanding of Self, not only in relation to work.

    For those interested in the subject, we teach meditation, a practice that we believe is a necessity to keep ones sanity in today's fast- paced world.

    Break-Outs during Conferences/ Keynote Talks

    We conduct short sessions during conferences to add value to them in the following areas:

    • Break-outs - Energizing indoor and outdoor activities that provide refreshing breaks
    • Team Building activities
    • Motivational talks (with Hypnosis and Fire Walk)
    • De-stressing sessions
    • Modules on Energy Management
    • The Enneagram