The Only Way Out Is Within

By: Rohini Singh on Mar 30, 2012 
The Speaking Tree, Times of India

Do you feel well? If you're feeling joyful, content, grateful, alert and expansive,  your system is faring well. If you're not quite so comfortable, you're up against energy thieves that are enjoying a feast at your expense. You know that solution: Plug the leaks, drop resistance, face fear, banish worry or practice forgiveness, as the case may be.

Once you plug the leaks, your energy system immediately begins to recover. As you continue to detoxify yourself, your self awareness increases. You begin to choose your responses and hence shift the whole paradigm you're living in.
You assume total responsibility for whatever state you find yourself in and know that only you, and not external circumstances, can resolve any problems that may crop up.

In actuality, this journey is about letting your mind, the small one that you're familiar with, dissolve and expand into the Big Mind, the place of infinite potential. Tapping into it allows you flow, surrender, co-creation and higher guidance.
The heart, remember, guides you to increasing connectivity,
joy and love. It replaces pain as a habit. The journey has to be lived, not merely understood.
You can start on your journey right now by doing some of the following:
Every night write 10 things that youre grateful for in a journal kept especially for this purpose. It gets you to focus on what's good in your life, not on what isn't. And it's a proven energy rule. What you focus on expands. This is the easiest way of attracting more of what makes you happy and being open to receive.

Meditation provides the break that your mind needs and deserves and helps you cope with stressful lifestyles. When you meditate, brain-wave activity slows down and depending on the depth of your meditation, you can access more profound levels of creativity, healing, relaxation and de-stressing. This is the time when the small mind plugs into the Big Mind, gets recharged, and accesses an area of infinite potentiality.

Breathe : Make a small placard that displays this one word. Put it on your office desk or at home where you can see it frequently. Every time you do, just take two deep breaths with awareness and continue with your regular activities. This is an incredible awareness exercise.It helps you create the space you need to make conscious choices.

Cut cords: This is a magical practice. When we interact with people, we're automatically connected with them by a cord at the solar plexus, the area just below the rib cage. We exchange energies through this cord which is strong in the case of people we're close to. To keep your energy system clear, you must disconnect and terminate this exchange each day with every person you interact with.
It's an excellent practice if you've had an unpleasant conversation with someone. This is what you do: Close your eyes. Visualize the cord. Imagine yourself cutting it. Mentally say: I cut and release all connections with you at the solar plexus level. Reconnect the cord at the heart level. Say the words: Only love remains between us.

Steal joy: This is an amazing practice that you can use to trick yourself into changing your mood or state when you are feeling miserable. First, accept that this is so and allow it to be. Don't fight it. Converse with yourself; take a break from your misery, for just a day.
Injecting these little exercises in awareness into your daily life will make you feel in charge, starting immediately.