The New Leaf training Team

The avowed mission of New Leaf training is the empowerment and transformation of individuals.

Tathagat Roy and Rohini Singh, with their varied interests and areas of expertise, complement each other and make an excellent 'team' that is able to facilitate holistic programs fusing varied elements.

Tathagat Roy

Tathagat Roy completed schooling in the West Indies and then went on to do higher studies in Computer Science from McMaster University, Canada. He managed his own Computer Software Company for many years before switching from managing computer software to human software!

Tathagat finds his work immensely fulfilling. Corporate training brings together for him many of his areas of interest: the human psyche and its transformation, the Mind, aspects of the behavioral sciences and a desire to help people unleash their potential. On his own journey of growth, he has studied and practiced varied breath techniques, as well as the subjects of Mindfulness, Awareness and Mind Management. He fuses all these into his trainings, to offer participants holistic modules that empower teams through empowering individuals. Passionate and knowledgeable, his ease with people and ability to create a rapport with participants helps him to bring to his trainings lightness, personalized interactions and humor.

His expertise is interactive and process driven trainings in the areas of Team Effectiveness, Leadership, Work Life Balance, Change and Self Management, Attitudinal Change etc. Some of the Companies that have undergone programs with him are Aricent, Yes Bank, Amway, Aviva, IFFCO-Tokyo, AIRTEL, GE, VST, CISCO, Amsure, IBM-Daksh, ITC, Ranbaxy, Cadila Pharma, NTPC, Hewitt, American Express, Vertex, Metlife and several partner companies to Mckinsey.

He has conducted programs for many circles of Airtel pan India and multiple programs for Sap Labs, Schneider Electric and SRF.

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He is a regular keynote speaker at corporate conferences and has been invited by IBM, Patni Computers, American Express, SITA World Travels, Top achievers of LIC, Institute of Chartered Accountants and NTPC to speak on subjects such as Self Renewal, Understanding the Mind, Stress Management etc.

Recently he has spoken at CISCO conferences in Mumbai as well as Sri Lanka.

He has conducted numerous Art of Living corporate workshops. Some of the companies he has worked with include GE, Oil India, Hughes Software (800 engineers), Airtel, Mckinsey Knowledge Center, NHPC (12 units), Australian High Commission, Jindal Polyester, Bhilai Steel Plant, Asian Development Bank, Airport Authority. Maruti, Samtel, Apollo Hospital, Essel Mining and Samcor Glass.

In 2003 he visited Kazakhstan and for over a month conducted Personal Excellence programs for over 1,000 persons including college students, general public and companies. In 2004 he was specially invited to conduct special programs for important functionaries to the President of Kazakhstan.

He is conversant with tools such as MBTI, Enneagram, NLP, Johari Window, DISC, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Relaxation processes, Hypnosis, and various Indoor/Outdoor processes to facilitate training and experiential learning. He has undergone numerous trainings by renowned experts: Leonard Orr , in Rebirthing Breath-work; in fast induction Hypnosis. He is an advanced meditator himself and teaches Meditation.

Over 1000 executives, many of whom are CEOs , would fondly remember him as the person who helped them confront and transcend their fears by walking on burning embers, a metaphor for courageously facing the challenges of life.

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Rohini Singh

Rohini Singh has done different things at different times in her life. She graduated in International Law but never practiced it, turning instead to handling the Public Relations Department for a reputed export firm and honing her skills in Russian and Czech, two languages she was proficient in at the time.

After the birth of her child, she gave up a corporate career in favour of pursuing totally new or more accurately, unexplored areas of interest. She taught herself cooking and ended up writing a highly popular fortnightly column in the Hindustan Times and the Tribune. That resulted in her being invited to write a number of cook-books, of which two became internationally acclaimed best sellers. She has written books for children and along the way, became a proficient freelance editor privileged to edit books for leading authorities in fields of art, literature, music and fiction writing. Simultaneously, she began to dabble in an area which today has become a consuming passion: holistic healing and alternative therapies.

She joined Tathagat to create New Leaf Training with the aim of offering workshops that offered skills required in the corporate sector fused with elements of self-enquiry and growth. Recognised in the field of alternative therapies she is an expert in the areas of Wellness, Self Management, Energy Dynamics, Stress Release etc. One of the first people to teach the radical energy tool, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in India, as well as a certified hypnotherapist and Rebirthing Breath-worker, she has a number of tools in her bag that are extremely valuable for corporate executives battling stresses of burnout, competitiveness, and deadline pressures coupled with the tensions of living in a city.

Rohini loves sharing the knowledge and experience she has gained along her own journey and is a sincere and sensitive facilitator. Her Team Building and Bonding programs always include a module that teaches stress relief and anger/anxiety management. She also enjoys teaching modules on enhancing Creativity, Presentation skills and the Enneagram, an ancient system of discovering ones driving motivations, strengths and weaknesses.

Some of the companies she has conducted trainings for include Amway, Vertex, US Aid, NTPC, IFFCO Tokio, General Electric(GE), Glaxo Smith Kline, Siemens, Sri Ram Fertilizers, Hewitt, American Express, VST, Airtel, Valvoline Cummins and American Express, Schneider Electric, Hero Honda, SRF etc.

Other than the corporate sector Rohini is a beloved life-coach and mentor to hundreds of students. She regularly conducts workshops and retreats in India and abroad focusing on Mindfulness, Meditation, and various aspects of healing and spiritual growth. She has been invited to conduct her workshops in Singapore, Germany, Dubai, Pakistan and the U.S.A.

She is a regular keynote speaker on topics of her expertise, and conducts modules of empowerment for schools. She writes for newspapers and magazines and is the author of the highly acclaimed, internationally released book, The Only Way Out Is Within (Hay House). Her second book is due for release shortly.

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